5 Features Of Jenna Jameson Virtual Sex

There are certainly more than 5 features of Jenna Jameson virtual sex. However, these 5 are the big features. Jenna Jameson virtual sex is an interactive 3D sex game that the user can control. The player can control the avatars into any number of sexual encounters. The possibilities are virtually endless.

  1. Only virtual sex game to exclusively feature Jenna Jameson. Jenna Jameson is undeniably one of America's most popular porn stars, if not the most popular. While she wasn't an active part in development, she did pose as a model so that the Jenna avatar is true to form. Jenna Jameson virtual sex also features some of Jenna's friends, as well.
  2. Interactive sex toys. There are quite the amount of possibilities for sex toys in this game. One fairly notorious scene features an invisible hand masturbating the Jenna avatar with an ear of corn. Possibilities are virtually endless.
  3. Characters can be altered to meet your specific desires. The player can design their own female or male avatars, to meet any kind of physical specifics that they wish. Breast size is just the beginning. College aged, Asian, Latino, and so on. There is even a feature to add tattoos and piercings if you wish.
  4. A number of dress-up options are available. Sexy outfits are available for your avatar, as well as regular casual day wear. Some of the outfits available include sexy cheerleader, slave, cowgirl and French maid. Kinky attire is also available, such as fishnets and dominatrix outfits.
  5. Highly advanced graphics. The creators have obviously worked hard to ensure that Jenna Jameson virtual sex offers the best graphics available. They are said to use the latest 3D software and hardware. They also offer "special effects."
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