5 Features Of Tera Patrick Virtual Sex

The best features of Tera Patrick virtual sex include all those sexual positions you would conceivably engage in if you had the talent to make a real woman want to have sex with you. But since you can't, you'll just have to settle for some fake and simulated sex, courtesy of Tera Patrick, but you won't mind when you're getting one orgasm after another after jerking off to Tera Patrick virtual sex!

  1. Oral Sex. The best feature of Tera Patrick virtual sex is the camera is positioned in such a strategic way that you can see what it would be like if you were man enough to convince Tera Patrick to kneel down in front of your groin and start jerking off your junk. Watch this porn actress begin jerking the actor in the movie and pretend that she's doing it to your own penis!
  2. Anal Sex. Yes, even anal sex is a feature of Tera Patrick virtual sex. With her movies' awesome first-person viewpoint (you know, designed to get yourself to ejaculate quicker), you can watch her awesome, luscious rear end relentlessly hit up against the penis and abdomen of the prop porn actor whom she's doing. Just watch out for your Cowper's fluid beginning to flow out in massive doses at this point!
  3. Titty Sex. Titty sex is not for everyone, but it's for Tera Patrick's virtual sex, that's for sure! The third-best feature of Tera Patrick virtual sex, on account of it being an acquired taste, is titty sex featuring a porn actor's penis slipping and sliding away in-between the massive mammary glands of Tera Patrick. You can even watch her silicone implants jiggle like crazy!
  4. Missionary Position. The missionary position is the fundamental element of all vanilla sex. That is to say, it leaves nothing for creativity and is one of the most common sex positions known to man. Still, watching Tera Patrick have it done to her as she submissively and desirably lies on her back with her succulent legs in the air as she's getting relentlessly drilled should make you ejaculate after a while, too. That alone makes this net the fourth-best position on this Tera Patrick virtual sex features list. Watch out for that flying semen!
  5. Reverse Cowgirl. The reverse cowgirl position can be a bit frustrating for you, especially if you want to have a real feeling of passion (albeit, still totally fake) for Tera Patrick's hot looks, seeing as how her back will be to you. However, you can console yourself by watching her juicy and curvy posterior repeatedly slam up and down on the prop porn actor's penis as she rides him. Oh, mama!
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