5 Features Of Virtual Sex With Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick has easily had one of the most successful careers in the adult industry so it’s no surprise that both men and women are clamoring to hear the 5 features of "Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick." The makers of this DVD really hit on something here, giving viewers an opportunity to see what it might be like to have sex with one of the most desirable women on the planet,. This part-Thai beauty has lit up as many screens as she has fantasies so it’s no surprise that fans would want to get as close to her as possible. For those not quite clear as to what the DVD is all about or what it contains, here’s what they can expect.  

  1. Strip. This feature of “Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick” is pure and simple. It’s three minutes of heaven as she starts to strip off her dress and teasing you about what’s to come next. While there really aren’t any options in this part of the DVD, it certainly whets the appetite in a way that only a performer like Tera Patrick can.
  2. Stories. Everybody likes a little fantasy with their virtual sex, so this DVD helps out by providing one by Tera Patrick herself. She relays the story of her first sexual encounter; a hot night with a group of firefighters as they try to put out her special fire. The story only lasts a minute to so, but it’s more than enough to get the viewer’s fire going and start looking for some action.  
  3. Foreplay. Now we starting moving in to the action as “Virtual sex with Tera Patrick” takes off. Here the viewer had three options, some tongue-on-pussy action, they can screw her with a red rubber dildo, or finger bang her. The really cool part here is that the viewer can look at the action from different angles and even engage the nice or naughty mode in which Tera Patrick begs you to stick your dick in her or fuck her like a whore.
  4. Sex. This is what it’s all about. Having some virtual sex with Tera Patrick is all about choices. How about missionary while you watch her big boobs bounce around, or doggystyle while she grunts and moans in satisfaction. Viewers even have the option of watching Tera as she gets on top and faces the viewer or faces away, and she cums every single time in every single position. What more can a guy ask for?
  5. Real climaxes. The best part of “Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick” is the fact that unlike other companies who make similar products, most of the male cumshots aren’t simulated. While the viewer may not see the make during the entire performance, they see his wad blowing all over her each time. There is no use of digital fakery or tricks. Just like any real guy who had the chance to have sex with porn legend Tera Patrick, when he blows, it’s all real.
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