5 Female Latino Actresses Who’ve Posed Nude

These are five Latino actresses who’ve posed nude. Latino actresses are hot and beautiful. They are often the most gorgeous women in the world. Men want to see beautiful Latino actresses posing naked in "Playboy" or in other assorted magazines. These are some of the beautiful Latino actresses who have.

  1. Paulina Rubio-Paulina Rubio is a Latino singer and actress. She posed nude with the Mexican flag in 2006. This sparked a lot of controversy in Mexico about whether it was illegal. It gave men the chance to see a naked Paulina wrapped up in a Mexican flag.
  2. Dorismar-Dorismar is a Latino model and actress. She posed nude for "Playboy." She was all over the cover of a Latino/Spanish version of "Playboy." Dorismar may be more famous for being thrown out of the United States as an illegal alien in 2006.
  3. Roselyn Sanchez-Roselyn Sanchez posed nude for PETA. Roselyn showed the world her lovely skin to save the fur of animals. Not too many men care why Roselyn Sanchez posed nude, they are just happy they did. Roselyn is a hot Latino woman who posed nude for a good cause.
  4. Eva Mendes-Eva Mendes has no problems showing off her Latino figure. She has posed nude for PETA, FHM, Calvin Klein and other various companies. Eva Mendes saw the financial good in showing off her body. Eva, we support you.
  5. Niurka Marcos-Niurka Marcos is a Latino singer and actress. She posed nude for "Playboy" and the magazines flew off the shelves. Niurka Marcos showed her wares to the world and the world thanked her for uncovering her hot body. She wants to sell more "Playboy" magazines than all other beautiful Latino actresses before her. Good luck, Niurka!
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