5 Female Tattoo Artists In America

If you are unsure on a certain male tattoo artist, then decide on these top 5 female tattoo artists in America. Tattoos are decorative markings on the epidermis of the skin that cannot be removed without the assistance of a qualified professional. Tattoos have gained popularity within the last century; however, tattoo history extends into the fourth or fifth millennium BC. Reasons for getting tattoos range from decorative, spiritual, fraternal and even medical purposes. The common perception is that males fit the stereotype of the skilled tattoo artist, but there are very talented female tattoo artists in America often overlooked.

  1. Jen Beiroa Jen Beiroa is the owner of Grinn and Barrett Tattoo Studios in Omaha, New England. Beiroa has a huge selection of tattoo designs, including full-back dragons, Samoan cultural designs, mortal wound designs, tribal, animal, astrological and a slew more. Grinn and Barrett Tattoo Studios has an open portfolio of all tattoos that are rated by visitors.
  2. Kat von D Kan von D is the owner of High Voltage Tattoo located in Los Angeles, California. The tattoo parlor has eleven artists, including Kat von D, with an open portfolio on their website for all incoming visitors and potential clients. A highly detailed press section, clientele photographs and regular newsletter allows browsers to weigh their options before making a decision. Kat von D specializes in highly detailed pictorials, including celebrities, musicians, politicians and personal concerns.
  3. Heather Sinn Heather Sinn works at the Avalon Tattoo parlor in San Diego, California. Sinn specializes in eccentric cartoon-esque tattoos, such as demented carousals, personified pumpkins and gothic murals.
  4. Anna Paige Anna Paige is the manager of No Ka Oi Tiki, a tattoo parlor located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Paige provides highly detailed back-oriented tattoos, such as angelic wings, Japanese letters and animal sketches. Anna Paige is endorsed by the National Tattoo Association, Alliance of Professional Tattooists and the Association of Professional Piercers, making her one of the top female tattoo artists in America.
  5. Hannah Aitchison Hannah Aitchison manages the Deluxe Tattoo parlor in Chicago, Illinois. Aitchison does full-body tattoos of serpents, eccentric sketches, personified murals and portraits.
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