5 Female Tennis Players With The Best Legs

Tennis is a demanding, leg toning sport, which made selecting the 5 female tennis players with the best legs all the more difficult. However, our contributors persevered through a vigorous and excruciating afternoon spent reviewing leg shots and countless photos of the world’s top female tennis players to find the best.

  1. Venus Williams, born June 17, 1980 is the oldest member on the list of female tennis players with the best legs. However, being the oldest does not show in those gorgeous gams! Venus holds the #3 standing in the world with 41 WTA titles and two Olympic Gold Medals, among other accomplishments.
  2. Elena Dementieva is the first of two Russians to make the grade for top female tennis players with the best legs. Born October 15, 1981, Elena hails from Moscow, Russia. Aside from great looking legs, she also holds 28 WTA titles. She retired in October, 2010, walking back into civilian life on one of tennis’ best pair of legs.
  3. Sania Mirza was born in Mumbia, India on November 15, 1986. With all of the exotic beauty of India behind her, she became the first Indian woman to win a WTA title. As a contender for one of five female tennis players with the best legs, she did not come by it without a little controversy. Many Muslim religious leaders express concern over the amount of bare flesh revealed when she plays.
  4. Maria Sharapova is the second Russian to make the list of female tennis players with the best legs. She was born on April 19, 1987. Between 2005 and 2008, Maria was ranked #1 in singles by WTA four times. All that work on the court has given her one of the hottest set of legs in tennis.
  5. Caroline Wozniaki hails from beautiful Denmark and is the youngest on the list, born on July 11, 1990. She is the youngest singles player to make it to tennis’ coveted top 10. That alone assures a continuing spot on our list of female tennis players with the best legs. Caroline has a long, promising career ahead, giving fans plenty of opportunity to ogle those amazing legs.
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