5 First Aid Tips For Fractures

The 5 first aid tips for fractures presented here are not meant as a permanent remedy or a cure. These first aid tips for fractures are simply for taking care of the fracture before medical professionals arrive, or before going to the doctor to have the fracture checked out. These five first aid tips for fractures are basic, and anyone should be able to perform them with the proper care and practice. Here are the most important first aid tips for fractures:

  1. Keep the patient calm. This is essential. If the patient is panicking, it will be impossible to follow the proceeding steps on this list of first aid tips for fractures.
  2. Check for bleeding. If there is any bleeding, it is important to stop the bleeding. This may be the most important on the list of first aid tips for fractures since excessive bleeding can result in loss of consciousness or worse for the person with the fracture. Bleeding should be stopped with a sterile bandage if possible; otherwise a clean cloth or piece of clothing can work.
  3. Keep the area immobilized. It is important to keep the fractured area from moving, as movement can cause pain or, even worse, a greater fracture. Elevate or bandage the area to keep it from moving.
  4. Limit swelling. This can be done by applying ice packs. This is just as important as the other items on this list of first aid tips for fractures, as swelling can cause pain or prevent doctors from being able to easily treat or set the fracture.
  5. Treat the patient for shock. Keep the patient's head lower than the trunk. Also, if possible, elevate the legs. This will keep the patient from going faint or having trouble breathing.


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