5 Fishing Lure Tips

To get past the hardest hurdle of fishing, as many frustrated anglers will tell you, follow these 5 fishing lure tips. Using the right lure in the right way almost always makes the difference between a full livewell and no catch at all. So, use the following tips to make sure your days on the water are successful.

  1. In clear water, stay away from anything gaudy. Fish who live in generally clear water adapt to use their sight more when hunting. Seeing a bright chartreuse lure floating in the water in front of them will likely hurt fishes’ eyes more than make them hungry. Use a fishing lure with a natural looking color and lifelike action when you can see more than a few feet down into the water.
  2. In murky water, use an attention grabbing fishing lure. Fish in murky water are more attuned to movement and vibration. If you use a flashy fishing lure such as a spoon or bright colored soft plastic, you have a better chance of catching fishes’ attention, and in turn a better chance of getting a strike.
  3. Cold water fish are very, very picky. Most fishermen tend to let a soft plastic worm sit on the bottom when the water’s cold. But contrary to popular belief, jerkbaits and crankbaits can be just as effective. Cast out the lure, and jerk or reel it very slowly, pausing often to compensate for lethargic fish. They may be freezing, but those fish will still swim for an easy meal.
  4. In the summer, use topwater baits around dawn and dusk. Topwater fishing lures, like poppers and buzzbaits, are very effective in low light times when the weather’s warm. Something about the movement and sound at the top of the water drives fish crazy, and seeing them jump out of the water and at your lure is about as exciting as fishing can be. The best areas in which to use topwater fishing lures are usually weedy, shallow flats.
  5. When in doubt, go soft. Soft plastics are time tested and proven to be fantastic fishing lures in most every situation. So if you’re having a tough day on the water, try using a lure like a worm, lizard, or jig with a plastic tail. There are no guarantees in fishing, but a soft plastic lure with a nice presentation and the right color is the best strategy if you need to catch some fish fast.



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