5 Fishing Reel Maintenance Tips

If you are into fishing, you should know these 5 fishing reel maintenance tips. These tips will make your fishing reel always work in the best way it can. It will also keep your fishing reel lasting as long as possible by taking the proper precautions to keep it from being damaged or otherwise rendered unusable.

  1. The first fishing reel maintenance tip you need to know is to blow out the reel with some compressed air. This is a very simple maintenance tip that will remove loose dirt from your fishing reel. Be sure to blow out all of the nooks and crannies of the reel, including the drags and the spool for the fishing line.
  2. Lube the wheel and other metal parts of the reel inside to keep its maintenance up. To do this you will need some lube to clean out the most important parts of the fishing reel. You will probably need a Philips head screwdriver to unscrew the outside of the casing of the fishing reel and get into the reel to lube out the line roller and other moving parts.
  3. This simple maintenance tip is to simply use your reel on a regular basis. To keep the moving parts inside the reel working properly, you definitely need to use them on a normal basis, otherwise the parts will got slightly rusted and dirt and other debris will cumulate and possibly ruin the fishing reel where it will need much more repair.
  4. Avoid wetting your fishing reel as much as possible. Accidents do happen, but one of the simple maintenance tips you need to always remember is to dry off your reel if it is to get wet. Keep in mind that rust is your worst enemy with these metal parts! Be sure to dry off all of the exposed parts on the reel to keep it rust free for a long time!
  5. Keep good wire on your fishing reel. Bad line can put unnecessary strain on your reel because if it is worn it won’t move as freely and it will not only possibly damage your reel but also your cast. Try to change them once every three months for heavy users and six months for light fishers!
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