5 Flaxseed Oil Benefits

There are at least 5 flaxseed oil benefits that can make a difference in your life. Take a supplement and your health improves and you are preventing plenty of possible health issues that may come about in the future.  Omega-3 essential fatty acids, fiber and lignans are responsible for all of these healthy characteristics. You, too, can reap these five flaxseed oil benefits and live a longer life.

  1. Be cancer free. One of the five flaxseed oil benefits is that it keeps many cancers at bay, primarily colon, breast and prostate. The Omega-3 fatty acid called ALA keeps tumors from appearing or growing in your body. Tumor cells are less likely to spread because of the lignans in flaxseed oil. Also, if you can get your teens to take a flaxseed oil supplement, it will be even more beneficial because their hormones will be more regulated, making them less likely to develop cancers that are hormone related.
  2. Get regular. You will notice that your bowel movements have become more regular after taking flaxseed. That is a benefit of the added fiber to your diet. Your body will be less likely to store toxins and will flush itself on its own. This is great for weight loss and living a "cleaner" lifestyle.
  3. Take it to heart. The incidence of heart disease is lowered which is another of the five flaxseed oil benefits. It reduces the chance of an arrhythmia, keeps your blood vessels healthy and inflammation to a minimum. Lignans keep plaque from forming and your arteries from hardening.
  4. Good versus evil. By taking in ALA's, fiber, lignans and other antioxidants on a daily basis, your bad cholesterol lowers and the good cholesterol in your body increases. Typically, this is done by eating whole grains, certain fish, fruit and vegetables. If you don't incorporate enough of these, you can still achieve the benefits by taking a flaxseed oil supplement.
  5. Sweet without sugar. Flaxseed oil has been known to regulate blood sugar. This is especially helpful for people that suffer from diseases like Diabetes. This is another of the five flaxseed oil benefits that affects many people, making their lives easier to live, despite their illness.



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