5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Gout

To prevent the build up of uric acid, there are 5 foods to avoid if you have gout. Gout is caused when a person has too much uric acid in their blood. Patients with a history of gout have been advised by their physicians to eat a healthy diet that is high in nutrients the body needs and that will help control weight gain. Patients are also advised to eat plenty of low fat dairy products. But, the most important factor in preventing gout is to avoid foods high in purines.

  1. Avoid eating meats.  Organ meats such as liver, kidneys, brains, sweetbreads, bacon, beef, pork, lamb, game meats, deer, goat, pheasant and any other meats in large amounts or quantities should be eliminated when suffering with gout.
  2. Avoid canned fish or saltwater seafood.  Fish or seafood such as anchovies, sardines, mussels, herring, mackerel, scallops, canned salmon, trout, canned tuna and any canned seafood should be avoided.
  3. Avoid gravy. Gravy has been placed on the list of foods to eliminate due to the fact that gravy is made from meat and meat by products. Meat and all meat by products must be completely eliminated from the diet to prevent episodes of gout from occurring.
  4. Eliminate alcohol and beer. Consuming no alcohol or beer is a must when suffering with gout. Gout sufferers are advised to avoid or eliminate all alcoholic beverages completely from their diet to prevent episodes. 
  5. Avoid some vegetables. Even some vegetables have to be avoided when suffering with gout: vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, peas, beans, mushrooms, and even though it is not considered a vegetable, oatmeal. Some nutritionists, and even physicians, are in disagreement regarding this food group; however, studies have shown individuals on a diet of only these foods coninuing to suffer with episodes of gout.
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