5 Foods That Build Muscle

Here are five foods that build muscle. Do you want to make sure your hard work at the gym pays off? Building muscle is about more than just lifting weights. You need to eat the right foods to build and maintain your muscles.

  1. Eggs This may be one of the most perfect foods to eat for building muscles. Eggs have protein along with vitamins A, E and D. It's a cheap and easy way to help build muscles.
  2. Salmon Salmon is a food that builds muscle by providing omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein. To keep it healthy, try ordering salmon sashimi style at your local sushi bar or grilling it in the oven with dill and lemon.
  3. Lean beef Although hamburgers have a bad reputation for making people fat, if you pick lean cuts of beef, it helps build muscle. Lean beef delivers a lot of protein, along with zinc and iron, which help keep your blood flowing through your muscles.
  4. Non-fat milk Milk is a cheap source of protein. A non-fat latte is an easy way to get an extra serving of protein to help build your muscles and the caffeine gives you a burst of energy, too.
  5. Steel-cut oatmeal This is an easy way to reduce cholesterol and build muscle. Steel-cut oatmeal provides whole grains which provide sustained energy throughout the day to help you build muscles.

Now that you have a list of five foods that build muscles, head the grocery store and stock up. Be careful: If you eat too many of these foods, your muscle will be covered in a layer of fat!



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