5 Foods That Cause Heartburn

There are 5 foods that cause heartburn that usually taste great, but leave some pain behind. Eating out can leave you clueless when it comes to finding something your stomach won't make you regret later, so to help you out here are five foods that cause heartburn.

  1. Pizza. Topping the list of five foods that cause heartburn, pizza might almost inevitably mean "Tums night." If you're trying to avoid a heavy attack, go easy on the pepperoni and other spicy toppings!
  2. Chicken wings. There is nothing like hot, fresh chicken wings to finish a night out on the town, but when they're really spicy, they're really dangerous. Of course, wings without spice probably wouldn't make our list.
  3. Oranges. Like any other citrus fruit, oranges make the list of five foods that cause heartburn because of their acidity. Good for you or not, you might not feel so good after eating them.
  4. Tacos. Mexican food as a whole has the ability of really putting the heartburn to you, but tacos can pack a powerful punch if they're eaten in quantity. Unless you want added pain, don't add the salsa.
  5. Cheese. Say Cheese! Believe it or not, foods high in fat are foods that cause heartburn. Cheese on a salad probably isn't enough to do much harm, but if you're thinking about having a quesadilla or mac and cheese for dinner, you might want to think again.


Top Ten Heartburn Foods

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