5 Foods That Cause Kidney Stones

If you have a family history of kidney stones then you might want to avoid these 5 foods that cause kidney stones. Now these foods don't always cause kidney stones, but they can contribute to the formation of stones. Whether or not they might contribute depends on what type of stones you are forming. The majority of kidney stones are usually a combination of calcium and oxalate. So, avoiding foods that have a high oxalate content helps to prevent stone formation. Here are five foods that can cause kidney stones because of a high oxalate content.

  1. Sweet potatoes, baked or canned–These vegetables which are often advised as being better for you then regular white potatoes which are very high in oxates. A half cup serving can have 26 to 99 mg of oxalates.
  2. Kiwi fruit–This is one of of the fruits highest in oxalates. One raw kiwi fruit can have up to 26 to 99 mg of oxalates in it.
  3. Chocolate–Both dark and milk chocolate are one of the candies that are highest in oxalates. An ounce and a half of either kind of chocolate can contain anywhere from 26 to 99 mg of oxalates.
  4. Tea–While drinking lots of liquids to flush the kidneys is advised, do not make tea one of the liquids you drink. Be it black, green or white tea, they all contain ten to 25 mg of oxalates in a one cup serving.
  5. Spaghetti–Depending on what type of spaghetti you purchase, you can be ingesting a lot of oxalates. Whole wheat spaghetti is the worst with an oxalate count of 26 to 99 mg per two oz (dry) serving. Regular spaghetti contains between ten to 25 mg in a two oz (dry) serving.

These 5 foods that cause kidney stones are high in oxalates and that can cause stone formation to occur. Avoiding these foods can lower your chances of stones forming. Other things that can help are to drink a lot of fluids to keep things flushed out and up the intake of insoluble fiber such as is found in wheat, rice and other whole grains.

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