5 Foods That Contain Estrogen

This list of 5 foods that contain estrogen can be used as a guide to help you get started on a more balanced eating regimen. Consuming foods containing natural estrogen is said to help regulate a woman's body as she passes through menopause.

Plant estrogen, also called phyto-estrogen, is said to mimic human estrogen when consumed. Replacing estrogen naturally by consuming estrogen-rich foods is thought to be a safe way to help prevent breast cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and high blood pressure. Hot flashes, night sweats, headaches and trouble sleeping are some other complications related to the lack of estrogen during menopause that can also be relieved by consuming phyto-estrogens.

  1. Legumes. Legumes, such as soybeans, are often considered to be one of the best estrogen-rich food sources. Tofu and soy milk stand out as examples. However, other legumes, such as chickpeas and kidney beans are also rich in phyto-estrogen.
  2. Whole grain cereals. Cereals containing whole grain, especially those with barley or flax-seed, contain the phyto-estrogen classified as lignans.
  3. Fruits and vegetables. Fruits, such as pomegranate, pears, cherries, red raspberries, tomatoes and plums, are all estrogen-rich foods. Vegetables, such as celery, carrots, cauliflower, beets, cucumber and squash, also contain estrogen.
  4. Herbs. Herbs, such as licorice, fennel, thyme and garlic, can add both flavor and estrogen to your diet.
  5. Drinks. Coffee and red clover tea can be consumed as drinks, or added to food recipes to increase the phyto-estrogen levels of a meal.

Anyone with a family history of breast cancer, or who has had breast cancer, should consult a physician before consuming estrogen-rich foods to reduce the risk of complications.

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