5 Foods To Eat For Anemia

Of the several foods to eat, these 5 foods to eat for anemia are some of the most easily categorized and commonly known. One of the most common types of anemia is iron deficiency anemia. This means that the body is lacking iron due to lack of eating for iron or some change in the body that has caused a lack of iron or an increased need for iron. This deficiency is known to cause lethargy and drowsiness. It is quite commonly found in pregnant women due to an increased need for iron. It is also common in those that live on an improper diet. Below are the foods that can help this deficiency.

  1. Organ meats: Organ meats, especially livers, are a great source of iron. These types of meats can come from almost any edible animal and provide just what the anemic person needs. Some other organ meats that are high in iron include kidneys and stomachs.
  2. Cabbage and other leafy green vegetables: Cabbage, spinach, kale and collard greens are just a few of the vegetables that can be beneficial. These vegetables can be eaten cooked or raw, but all vegetables are most beneficial when they are raw.
  3. Fish: All types of fish provide a wealth of iron. This category includes shellfish as well as traditional types of fish. Naturally, fresh fish is the best source of iron and other vitamins and minerals. Salmon, oysters, perch, catfish and cod are just some of the foods in this group that provide essential iron as well as other vitamins that are beneficial.
  4. Beans and peas: This category is a simple one to use because there are so many types of beans and peas. There are sweet peas as well as black eyed peas. Pinto beans, northern beans and lima beans are just some of the beans that will provide the necessary nutrients. Combine cooked beans with organ meats to make a great iron rich meal. Use raw peas mixed with leafy vegetables for a salad rich in iron.
  5. Iron enriched foods: There are many iron enriched foods. Normally, the package will say that the food is iron enriched. Those who choose to use these types of foods should be sure that their inclusion of these foods does not hinder any other medical progress they might be making. For instance, someone with diabetes might not want to bulk up on iron enriched bread.
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