5 Foods To Eat For Gout

The painful condition known as gout is actually a form of arthritis that results from the presence of too much uric acid in the body; however, there are 5 foods to eat for gout that can aid in prevention of its symptoms.  Scholars have pointed out that the amount of protein we consume has a direct impact on how much we suffer from gout.

  1. Berries- Research has shown that berries, which can include strawberries, raspberries, and cherries, are an excellent food to eat for gout.  They are beneficial for gout sufferers for a number of reasons, since they both neutralize the PH level of the acid and also aid in digestion so that less uric acid is left after the process of digestion.
  2. Garlic- You probably already know that garlic is one of the best foods that we can eat, due to this numerous health benefits.  It is a particularly good food for gout sufferers as it helps to regulate uric acid levels in the body.
  3. Fruits and Vegetables- A number of other fruits and vegetables are also excellent sources of Vitamin C, including apples and oranges.  Not only doe these foods neutralize the negative impacts of the uric acid; you also gain the other health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.  Furthermore, they are also anti-inflammatory, meaning that they will lessen the pain that comes from gout.
  4. Fats and Oils- Although you might think that fats and oils are exclusively bad for you, the truth is they can be quite good for those suffering from gout.  Fats and oils aid in protein synthesis, meaning that they lessen the likelihood of a gout attack.  The best fatty acids, such as omega three and six, can be found in foods such as tuna and salmon, nuts, flaxseed, and other sources.
  5. Fiber- In addition to helping keep your digestive system regular, foods that contain a great deal of fiber also help with gout, since they flush your system of harmful by-products.  Important foods that are sources of fiber include nuts, cereals, wheat, and citrus fruits, so you’ll have plenty of foods to choose from.
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