5 Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

Try eating these 5 foods to eat to lose weight. Healthy weight-loss foods enable you to lose the extra pounds, without going hungry. They are nutritious, everyday items. Integrate them into your regular diet to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

  1. All types of beans are great foods for shedding pounds. Beans are a low-fat, nutrient-rich protein source. Research has found that people who eat beans regularly tend to have higher amounts of the digestive hormone, cholecyctokinin, in the body. This hormone is a natural appetite suppressant. Being high in fiber, beans help to lower cholesterol levels and encourage the efficient elimination of waste. They also help balance blood sugar levels, which is important for curbing hunger.
  2. Eat cucumbers to lose weight. This popular snacking vegetable is a great source of both fiber and water, which help to cleanse the body of waste, and instill a feeling of fullness. All of this for only four calories per ounce! Be sure to eat both the skin and the flesh. Cucumber skin is where most of the fiber and nutrients are found.
  3. Green tea is the quintessential weight-loss tea. It is an excellent source of catechins. These phytochemicals are known to stimulate the metabolism. The caffeine in green tea also curbs appetite.
  4. Avocados help control hunger. These nourishing, green fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. They are high in fat and calories, but each calorie is extremely efficient. The unsaturated fatty acids help to remove cholesterol build-up, and counteract the negative effects of eating saturated fats. They are also filling. Adding sliced avocado to a salad or sandwich is a great way to make a light meal a complete, satiating experience. Substitute creamy avocado for mayonnaise, cheese, and salad dressings.
  5. Tofu is a perfect food to eat to lose weight. It is versatile, nutrient and protein-rich, and low in fat. Have tofu two or three nights a week in place of beef or pork. It can be made into desserts, added to salads and vegetable dishes, or served as a main dish.

Not only are these 5 foods to eat to lose weight beneficial, but so are many natural, nutrient-rich, high-fiber, high-protein, and low-fat foods. It is possible to eat, and still lose weight, as long as all calories consumed have a purpose.


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