5 Foods That Give You Acne

There are foods you can eat to lessen the chances of an outbreak and foods you can eat to cause or increase the chances of an outbreak of acne. Never mind what you heard about chocolates, in moderation it does nothing to help or cause acne. According to the USDA a proper diet will only help deter the outbreaks and a poor diet will only make it worse. The following foods will likely cause or worsen an acne breakout.

  1. Milk does not do the body good, in fact it can cause acne. Any dairy products should be taken in moderation if you are prone to acne. Recent studies in the Mayo Clinic and in England show acne forms from an unnatural hormone imbalance. The natural hormones in milk and milk products only nourish spots of acne and helps make the skin greasy. Greasy skin leads to blocked pores and more acne.
  2. High fat fast foods help cause acne in many ways. Fats and greases from the fatty meats cause excessive grease on the skin, clogging pores, and creating greasy acne. Most of our favorite meats are full of natural and un-natural hormones and again create an imbalance for more outbreaks. Sorry guys but that cheese burger and pizza is just not going to help your skin at all. If you must ingest high fat foods, wash regularly, avoid touching your face during or after eating and drink lots of water to flush your system.
  3. Vinegar and oil dressings and most any other deep fried foods will only exacerbate any outbreaks of acne you have. The oils on your hands, after touching your face, help clog pores leading to patchy outbreaks. Ingestion again goes back to greasy skin, clogged pores and larger outbreaks. If you must indulge in fried chicken and fries, drink plenty of water daily to help keep your system flushed out.
  4. Sugary sweets, cake icing, sodas and any other high fructose (sugar) items are horrible for your skin, creating patchy outbreaks of acne. Some for obvious reasons like icing, but others due to the increase in a hormonal imbalance that does occur when your body is trying to process all that sugar and the increase in fat from consuming empty calories. Yes, I’m sorry but Twinkies do fall under this category. Drink plenty of water and eat more natural sweets like apples.
  5. Massive amounts of carbohydrates are another form of bad foods that may cause acne. Since carbohydrates include sugars, starches and dietary fiber which create too much sugar in your system. Bad carbohydrates that could worsen or create patches of acne include: Bread and pastas made with refined flour, processed refined grains like white rice, most puddings or custards and jams or jellies. The sugar imbalance you get from these causes your pancreas to go into overdrive and makes your body store more fats. As we know fats lead to hormone issues and clogged pores.




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