5 Foods That Give You Energy

Want to know 5 foods that give you energy? There are many foods you can eat that will give you the energy we all need and use in our daily lives. Whether you are working out or just trying to make it through the day, you burn energy. According to the USDA, making some slight changes to your daily diet and consuming foods high in energy nutrients can set you apart from the everyday burger eater.

There are simple solutions like energy bars, drinks or even complex sugary sweets. These are great short-term fixes but will just leave you needing more in a small period of time. Eating the right foods daily will give you those boosts of energy that will last. The following are five foods you can eat anytime or for any meal to get long-term energy boosts.

  1. Whole-grain breads are an excellent source of energy and health for you too. The complex carbohydrates in whole-grains, bran, lentils and beans take longer to break down and process, thus giving a longer duration of energy throughout your day.
  2. Yogurt with real fruit as a snack will give you a quick boost of energy and a sustained period of higher energy. Complex carbohydrates, fiber and ease of digestion help make yogurt one of the best snacks you can have to boost your energy.
  3. Whole-grain pretzels and a couple tablespoons of peanut butter do wonders for your energy level and your hunger. The proteins in peanut butter and fibers in the pretzels make for a great hunger buster and sustained levels of energy when needed.
  4. A glass of fat free milk and whole piece of fruit make for a great snack that gives you a great boost of energy. Besides the basic nutritional factors of the milk and fruit you will be again getting complex carbohydrates and fiber that take time to digest thus giving you energy to keep going. The natural sugars in the fruit give you that immediate burst to get you back up.
  5. Very lean red meats, skinless chicken, fish, and nuts all give you the proteins your body needs to naturally produce energy. These are easily accommodated within any meal and give many benefits for your body. Stay away from the fats and oils. High fats will make you sluggish and less energetic while your body burns energy to digest it, making you need more fuel for energy.




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