5 Foods That Help Acne

If you are looking for five foods that help acne, look no further. Eating healthy is key to keeping acne under control. Proper eating habits will help prevent acne or provide acne relief. Acne can be very embarrassing and unsightly and gives the impression of an unhealthy person in many people's eyes. Acne may be a fact for some there are natural remedies you can employ to help reduce acne’s affect. Eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and promote the health of your body will combat acne. This article will talk about the proper food (or food groups) that will help keep your skin healthy and acne-free.

  1. Fiber-based foods are great ways to keep the digestive tract flowing properly. Foods such as black beans, raspberries and split peas are high in fiber and provide a great platform for digestive health. Most fruits and nuts contain some level of fiber. You can also increase your fiber intake with supplements.
  2. Salad and greens are perfect ways to support healthy skin. Salad and greens provide support for digestion. These foods are rich in vitamins and promote general health as well as glowing skin.
  3. Whole grains can be ingested through breads, oatmeal and many cereals. Whole grains and multi-grains support the movement of waste through the body and cause less stress. Cheerios is an excellent source for whole grains as is wheat bread. With Cheerios, of course, you can boost your fiber intake by adding fruit.
  4. Water is an excellent source for maintaining your health and your skin's health. Water will cleanse the system and dispose of many harmful by products in her body. Water will keep the system clean and plays a major role in maintaining skin health and appeal. Be sure to drink your eight glasses a day.
  5. Fish is another traditional nutrient-carrying food that should be a part of everyone’s diet. Fish is great for your skin and heart. Salmon is the fish of choice by many experts but frankly, any fish intake to start will do.


  • Some dieticians believe diet plays a role in managing acne. These experts recommend a diet that is rich in components that sustain a health digestive cycle.
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