5 Foods To Help You Lose Weight

We have compiled the 5 foods to help you lose weight; however, you probably already know that magic diet foods do not exist, nor can you conjure up an enchanted food fairy. Nevertheless, because some foods are richer in fiber and take longer to consume, they have a smaller amount of calories per gram, which helps you realize your weight loss goal. Try to remember that the best foods to help you lose weight alter hormone levels, which tend to make you feel less hungry. That’s a good thing, but obviously, you cannot live on these five foods to help you lose weight alone; these are merely a good starting point towards a healthier lifestyle change.

  1. Green or black tea. It was at first believed that there were more antioxidants in green tea than black; however, recent reports suggest that beneficially, they are equal. These natural ingredients prompt a “fight or flight” response. Additionally, they boost your metabolism and aid in burning fat. Drinking either one in the morning, as well as before each meal will get your metabolism going, according to "Science Daily." Try boiling these teas in with some soba noodles, toss in with sesame seeds and a bit of toasted sesame seed oil, and you have a beginning menu with these five foods to help you lose weight.
  2. Salad. If you tend to “meal stuff,” try eating a large salad before having your entrée. Avoid creamy dressings; go instead with your choice of diet dressing. You may choose to make your own. Extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper and flavored vinegar have about 60 tiny calories. It’s delicious, but even better, you can have all the salad you wish and you won’t pig out on other high calorie and fatty foods. 
  3. Cereal. You may find that cereals that are high in fiber will soon become your favorite top five foods to help you lose weight. Like salad, they provide bulk; however, try to choose cereals enriched with roasted corn, rice, wheat and oat. Use skim milk. If you feel you are missing out, add chopped fruit to make your sweet tooth happy.
  4. Potatoes. You may be surprised that this is included in our top five foods to help you lose weight, but it’s not the potatoes themselves that are the problem, rather the way people cook and dress them. The fabulous potato itself has only 96 glorious calories. Sweet potatoes are also rich tasting, creamy and only have 120 calories. Bake or boil either one, but avoid fatty accompaniments such as butter, sour cream and cheese. Mashing them and adding a dash of lime and pepper will allow you to have a filling, delicious low-cal meal.  
  5. Green or red grapes. Grapes are a top five food to help you lose weight mainly because they offer that hand-to-mouth soothing action that most people crave, without the fat. Instead of tearing through a bag of chips, try some chilled, low-calorie grapes. Doctors especially recommend having a small glass of red wine every day to keep your heart beating stronger and longer. It contains potent antioxidants that promote heart health, reduce platelet aggregation and help your blood vessels remain flexible and open.

In the end, the only true way to “magically” trick your body into thinking/feeling satisfied with far less fat and fewer calories is to develop healthy eating habits, not eating heavy foods after five o’clock in the evening and getting on a realistic walking or exercise program. Put a picture of yourself (in your thinner days) on the refrigerator. Eating these five foods to help you lose weight will begin the diet process, but getting determined and sticking with it is what will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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