5 Foods That Increase Sex Drive

If you're interested in boosting your libido, give these 5 foods that can increase sex drive a try. Some of these foods have added benefits, such as also giving an assist to sperm production or function or are just good for overall good health. There are also other ways to increase sex drive. For example, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and not smoking can all help men improve their sex drive. Spending time developing intimacy with your partner can also increase your sex drive, as well as improve sex overall. 

  1. Oysters have a libido enhancing hormone called dopamine. In addition to improving the sex drive, oysters also can raise sperm and testosterone levels.
  2. Eat your bananas. This fruit has an enzyme called bromelain, which increases sex drive and can also give you more sexual energy. Pineapples are another source of this enzyme, if you don't like bananas. Bananas can be added to cereals, protein shakes, muffins or enjoyed by themselves.
  3. Figs can increase your sex drive and sexual stamina, as well. This is due to the high levels of amino acids in figs. Figs can be eaten alone or in puddings and cookies.
  4. Avocados can increase sex drive for men and women, due to high levels of the vitamin B6 and also potassium. Avocados can be sliced and added to salads, put on sandwiches or eaten in dips like guacomole.
  5. Nuts are another delicious way to increase your sex drive. Nuts have lots of fatty acids that can assist in the production of hormones needed to increase sex drive. Eat nuts alone or in cookies, breads or cereals.

Certain foods such as the ones described here can increase your sex drive. In addition to these foods, getting plenty of rest, working out, and not overdoing the use of alcohol can also help improve sex drive. If you are concerned about lack of sex drive, consider talking to your doctor to make sure there is no underlying medical condition causing the problem.

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