5 Foods That Lower High Blood Pressure

Getting healthy may just be a matter of eating one of the 5 foods that lower high blood pressure. When blood pressure is high, it can be life threatening. Taking prescription medications is very beneficial, however, it often takes a change in eating to get a healthy lifestyle. Small changes such as including and/or eliminating the following food items to your diet, will dramatically help to lower high blood pressure.

  1. Include more barley in your diet. Barley has fiber and minerals that will help to lower your high blood pressure. It is inexpensive and makes a great side dish. Each cup of barley contains 13 g. of much needed soluble fiber. Research has shown that if you eat a single cup of barley each day, within two months your blood pressure could be stabilized.
  2. Relax blood vessels with potassium. Foods that are rich in potassium could lower thirteen points from your high blood pressure. Foods that contain potassium include items such as spinach, dates, raisins, tomato sauce, white beans, dried peaches and potatoes. Eating these foods which each contain 800 mg. or more of potassium per cup will help to reduce your high blood pressure. Also use sesame oil when cooking instead of vegetable oil to give you an approximate 32 point drop in your blood pressure over a two month period. The sesame oil works by relaxing the walls of blood vessels which prevents the spikes in blood pressure.
  3. Give up salt. If you cannot give it up all at once, reduce it gradually but the goal should be to completely eliminate salt from your diet. Using substitutes such as DASH seasonings will add flavor to your food while eliminated the salt and adding potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  4. Get your Omega-3 fats. Omega- fats are found in foods such as fish and/or flaxseeds. Eating these as part of your diet a few times each week will help to lower your high blood pressure. Seasoning the fish with garlic will also increase the benefits.
  5. Calcium and magnesium are excellent for lowering high blood pressure. Eating fruits and vegetables as one of the five foods that lower high blood pressure does not mean you have to give up eating things that taste good. Eat things such as dark green leafy vegetables, grapefruit, yellow corn, watermelon, spinach, zucchini, bananas and oranges to give you the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain your blood pressure. Drinking skim milk will provide you with additional calcium which is known to dramatically reduce the blood pressure.
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