5 Foods That Make You Bloat

What are 5 foods that make you bloat? There are many different type of food and spices that  make you bloat when you are dieting.  Learning about some of the top food groups and spices that make you bloat when eating will help you cut down on these foods by finding new ways to include them in your menu. Bloating is generally gas or tightness in the stomach after eating certain foods. It is often uncomfortable symptom that can be prevented by knowing what to eat less of or avoid eating certain  foods  in your  diet.

  1. Salt.  The compound salt attracts water so when we eat too much the body becomes bloated or retains water. Too much sodium in frozen or processed foods should be avoided.  Read food labels before purchasing food to get an idea of the amount of sodium in the food you eat. Fast food restaurants serve foods with high salt content like burgers, fries, onion rings and pickles. Eating out less often at these restaurants is a good idea or ordering the food with the least sodium. When cooking at home  use less salt and reduce the amount of salt you use on meat and other foods. Salt is one of the most common chemical compounds we use in food and other products. When salt is over used it causes bloating.
  2. Raw Food. Fresh vegetables and fruits can cause gas in the digestive track.  It is harder for the body to digest fresh fruit and vegetable.  Try cooking the vegetables or eating frozen or canned vegetable or fruits instead.  Add fresh raw foods to your diet gradually.  Eat a fresh salad two times a week instead of every day for example. Eat a serving of fresh fruit once a day or few times of week. Sometimes starting out with 3 to 4 servings a day is too much for the body to digest.
  3. High Acid Drinks.  Many of the beverage we drink daily like coffee and tea fall into this category. Alcoholic beverages like beer and wine do too.  The acid in the beverages can irritate your digestive tract causing swelling.  Cutting down on the amount  of coffee, tea and other acidic beverages is a way to prevent this problem.  Drink one cup of coffee with breakfast not three.  Always eat something with an acidic beverage don't drink it on any empty stomach. A cup of coffee in the morning is not enough have a bagel or muffin with it.  Don't just have a beer or glass of wine after work. You should  have some fruit or cheese and crackers with it if you are not making a meal. Always eat something when consuming an acidic beverage.
  4. Fried Foods. Fried food do not digest quickly with the fat that often causing bloating and indigestion.  Deep fried chicken, fries, seafood, onion rings should be eaten in moderation not as a regular part of the diet.  Order a small fries not large when dining out alone or with people.   Avoid too many meals that are deep fried because they will not improve your overall health. Enjoy an occasional fried dough, clams, jalapeno poppers, or fried eggplant as appetizers or part of the meal. Limit the amount of fried food in your diet making it an occasional treat or reward,
  5. Spicy Foods. Food prepared with spicy seasonings can cause the stomach to release acid. This causes upset stomach and digestive problems. Reduce the mount of food you eat or cook prepared with chili powder, hot sauce, black pepper, curry, red pepper flakes  and horseradish.  Vegetables like hot peppers, onions and tomatoes can cause the stomach to release acid causing indigestion too.  Eat these food in moderation starting with small portions and eat once a month instead of every week for example. If this does not do the trick avoiding eating spicy foods. This is probably the best solution. Many sauces are spicy so watch barbeque sauces, hot sauces, salsa and other similar products. Read ingredients in prepared food to know what you are eating.


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