5 Foods That Make You Lose Weight

Of the foods that can help you to lose weight, these 5 foods that make you lose weight are some of the simplest because they involve people's tastes. Dieting doesn't have to be torture. Just a few simple changes to your eating habits can make a world of difference to your weight and overall health.

  1. Unprocessed nuts. Any time food is processed, it loses some of its nutritional value. Nuts that are in their raw form are a wonderful source of vitamins and proteins. This means you can get the protein you need without a lot of chemicals that bog your system down. Nuts also tend to be something that most people will snack on throughout the day rather than eating in one sitting. This action alone keeps the metabolism busy throughout the day.
  2. Citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are a great way to speed up your metabolism the natural way. Even if you don't like to actually eat them, you can always put a couple of slices of lemon or lime in your ice water. Other types of fruits are also advisable.
  3. Salad. Not only does a good salad provide some much-needed vitamins for your body, but if you eat it before a meal you will be likely to eat less of the rest of the meal. Celery and carrots in a salad are a great way to lose weight because the act of eating them actually burns more calories than they contain.
  4. Salsa and hot sauce. Salsa and hot sauce are both some very simple foods to eat to lose weight. Made properly, both of these foods burn more calories by eating them than they contain. They naturally speed up the metabolism. Try adding either of these to foods you already eat, such as scrambled eggs. Baked pork chops covered in salsa are a tasty treat as well because the salsa not only flavors the pork chops, but tenderizes them as well.
  5. Yogurt with active yeast cultures. This type of yogurt provides natural probiotics for your system. They clean out the "bad" stuff and leave the good. Eating this will help to clean some of the toxicity out of your digestive system, which will naturally cause you to lose weight.
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