5 Foods That Prevent Aging

The 5 foods that prevent aging (listed here) provide nutrients that work to reduce free radical damage, improve skin health, prevent cancer and heart disease and more. You can maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle by frequently eating such foods.

  1. Avocado. You might think avocados are a food best eaten rarely due to their high fat content. However, the fat in avocados is monounsaturated, which helps control cholesterol. Additionally, this fruit contains Vitamin E to improve skin appearance and tone. Try adding avocado slices to salads and wraps or use it to make vegetable dip.
  2. Berries. Many foods that prevent aging do so by providing the body with important protection from free radical damage. Free radical damage causes aging of the skin and plays a role in the development of cancer. Berries contain high levels of flavonoids, a specific and powerful type of antioxidant.
  3. Yogurt. The live bacteria naturally present in yogurt helps with digestion by encouraging healthy bacteria within the intestines. Yogurt qualifies as one of the foods that prevent aging due to this, along with the fact that it contains high levels of calcium that keep bones strong and healthy.
  4. Fish. Cold water fatty fish contain high levels of essential fatty acids (EFA), making it one of the healthiest foods that prevent aging. One type of EFA is Omega 3, which contributes to skin health, lowers cholesterol and lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease and inflammatory illnesses.
  5. Leafy green vegetables. These vegetables provide high doses of Vitamin C which act as an anti-aging substance in several ways. Vitamin C is used by many people to fight off common colds and infections. It also plays a role in the growth and repair of tissue, healing and collagen production. Vitamin C is one of the best foods that prevent aging and is easily added to the diet through the addition of leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables and citrus fruits.



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