5 Foods That Prevent Cold Sores

Wondering how to find the best foods that prevent cold sore episodes? Cold sores are the noticeable end result of the herpes virus outbreak. Lysine and arginine are two amino acids that are relative to cold sores outbreaks. Lysine has properties proven successful in putting a stop to cold sores, while too much arginine in our cells can simulate cold sure outbreaks. The more your cells store lysine, the less arginine it can hold, so a diet with foods with a proper ratio of these amino acids can make outbreaks fewer. Here are 5 foods to prevent cold sore outbreaks.

  1. Margarine. Margarine tops the list as the best food to prevent cold sores with the highest ratio of lysine to arginine. The butter substitute has a 3 to 1 ratio. Spread it on your morning toast, your afternoon sandwich, or your evening baked potato. Feel free to lick your lips with it. Hey, it couldn’t hurt!
  2. Yogurt. Another food  to prevent cold sores is yogurt, any style or fat content. Many yogurts contain gelatin (believed to stimulate a cold sore outburst), so look at the labels! Natural food stores carry gelatin-free yogurts.
  3. Cheese. Did you ever see a mouse with a cold sore? Adding cheese to your diet will help prevent cold sores due to the ratio of 2.7-2.2  to 1 ratio of lysine to arginine. Excellent options include, in ratio order, Swiss, Gueyere, Edam, Blue, Provolone, Brie, Parmesan, cream cheese, and cheddar.
  4. Cow’s Milk. Cold sore sufferers can help prevent cold sores with daily milk intake. The ratio for milk is 2.1.  Milk also provides nine essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D for bone health and supplies protein for muscles. Best of all, ice cream protects against cold sores just as well!
  5. Fish. Many types of fish are swimming in the proper ratio of lysine and arginine making it a best food to prevent cold sores. The ratio for most fish is 1.5 to 1. They include cod, herring, flounder, bluefish, bass, and canned tuna in water.  
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