5 Foods That Prevent Constipation

If you find yourself suffering from a sluggish digestive system, try incorporating these five foods that prevent constipation. Be it high stress, poor diet, certain medications, or even too much iron in your diet, at some point or another constipation afflicts us all. The key to preventing constipation is a healthy diet incorporated with your recommend daily intake of dietary fiber and drinking plenty of water. Read on for the top five foods that are will prevent constipation and help get you off your toilet and back on your feet!

  1. Flax seed. Even if it didn’t taste great, flax seed is one of those powerful health foods that everyone should be eating for the nutritional benefits alone. Ground flax seed very effectively aids the body in digestion and elimination, and therefore in preventing constipation. Two tablespoons of ground flax seed per day either mixed into yogurt, hot cereal or as a salad topping should help keep your body’s digestive system regular and healthy.
  2. Cabbage. Though it’s not the most exciting vegetable out there, cabbage does a great job at preventing constipation due to its high dietary fiber content. Cabbage is considered to be a detoxifying food, as it promotes gastrointestinal health by speeding up the body’s digestive system and making it more effective. Raw cabbage eaten daily is very helpful in preventing constipation and for relief for long-term constipation sufferers. You can substitute it for lettuce in a salad, or eat it as a side entree with your meals.
  3. Apples. Most fresh fruits are great for digestion and constipation prevention, but apples are considered amongst the best due to the detoxifying properties of fiber found naturally in high amounts in the fruit. Take heed though, apples can sometimes be too good of a constipation preventing food.
  4. Beans. You’d be hard pressed to find a food better at preventing constipation than the kidney bean. A cup of these legumes packs a whopping twelve grams of dietary fiber, or about half of our recommended daily intake. Black beans and lima beans aren’t far behind, with about eleven and ten grams respectively. Surprisingly, the beans sordid reputation as a flatulence producer is not due to the vegetables high fiber content, but instead is due to a sugar called oligosaccharide that our bodies cannot break down naturally.
  5. Yogurt. Despite the fact that it’s a dairy food, the probiotics in yogurt help it to make the cut as one of the best foods to prevent constipation. Yogurt aids in digestion in two ways. Probiotics in the yogurt culture help to encourage and repopulate healthy bacteria that help to break down food in your digestive track. Yogurt is also high in calcium. It’s not necessary to purchase any of those specialty “digestion enhancing” yogurts currently on the market. As long as the label shows the two active cultures bifidobacterium or lactobacillis as ingredients, the yogurt will do just fine at preventing constipation.



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