5 Foods That Prevent Diabetes

There are 5 foods that prevent diabetes if eaten as part of a healthy lifestyle. Most people mistakenly believe that eating healthy involves giving up your favorite foods. On the contrary, there are many foods that you are already eating that are good for you and will help prevent diabetes.

  1. Whole grain foods. Whole grain foods are one of the best foods that prevent diabetes. By eating the recommended servings of whole grain foods, you can not only prevent diabetes, but lower your cholesterol levels. Be sure to carefully watch your carbohydrates intake while eating these foods though.
  2. Lean meats and fish. Eating lean meats and fish significantly reduces your fat  intake. Consuming a high number of fats can lead to obesity, which is a contributing factor to the development of diabetes.  Lean meats and fish are considered to be part of the top five foods that prevent diabetes.
  3. Vegetables. Vegetables are important for any diet, whether you are trying to prevent diabetes or not. Fresh and frozen vegetables are great foods that prevent diabetes. Vegetables also have a number of other health benefits including reducing your risk of being obese.
  4. Yogurt.  Yogurt is one of those great foods that is pleasant tasting and good for your health. With yogurt's low-fat properties, it is one of the best foods that prevent diabetes.
  5. Low-fat cheeses. Most people are big fans of cheese. Eating healthy does not mean that you have to give up cheese. Eating low-fat cheese instead helps to prevent diabetes.

Eating the right foods is not just about what you can eat, but what you can't eat as well.  It is important  to remember to watch your sugar intake, avoid alcohol, and opt for low-fat spreads and salad dressings. Eating foods that prevent diabetes should also be coupled with exercising.



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