5 Foods That Prevent Diarrhea

There are many foods that can give you diarrhea and there are foods to help prevent it as well. The runs, the trots, the squirts, liquid farts, or drizzle doo no matter what you call it, diarrhea is a condition we could all live without. There are so many things in this world that cause diarrhea and being conscience of these things are hard enough to keep up with. You can easily keep up with the foods, when eaten regularly help prevent constant trips to the bathroom. Hydration is important when preventing or curing diarrhea, so plenty of liquids are a must. The USDA has many recommendations for nutritional benefits of the foods that help prevent diarrhea. Here are five ideas that will make life a little less liquid.

  1. Fruits that help prevent diarrhea are bananas and apple sauce. Bananas seem to be on every list of best preventative foods. Bananas and apple sauce both assist in tightening the stool. Bananas are pretty much safe no matter where you go in the world and a couple cups of plain apple sauce will come in handy when packed in your bags. High in fiber and vitamins these two are a must for prevention.
  2. Rice of any type is a fantastic way to help get over or prevent diarrhea. Besides the added benefits of good carbohydrates, the fiber in rice again helps solidify the stool. Going over board with the rice could have negative affects on the body, so pre-plan regular portions in your weekly diet.
  3. Plain toast, wheat or white, made from quality flours are a great source of fiber, carbohydrates and diarrhea stopping nutrients. Again the fibers help make solid stool and the fact the liver and gallbladder has to make little bile to process it, all make for a great diarrhea preventative and cure.
  4. Drinking tea, unsweetened hot or cold is great for preventing or curing diarrhea. The properties in tea assist in the reduction of bile in the kidneys and gallbladder and give you the added bonus of hydration. Again, tea should be drank in moderation as too much of a good thing is bad.
  5. Yogurt, plain, can work wonders against a bout of diarrhea. Staying low fat or reduced fat will help you stay well within the boundaries of any diet you may be following. The cultures and characteristics of plain yogurt create an intestinal environment that wards off diarrhea. Besides all the great nutritional benefits of plain, low-fat, yogurt your stomach, kidney and gallbladder produce much less bile. Remember, less bile to process means less diarrhea coming out.




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