5 Foods That Prevent Heartburn

There are foods you can eat to help prevent heartburn. We’ve all had heartburn at one time or another. Whether after that long night out or during that greasy quick lunch, heartburn can strike at anytime. According to the USDA there are many foods that are nutritious and will aid in heartburn prevention. The following list of foods will give you an idea on what helps prevent the heartburn.

  1. There are snacks you can eat to help prevent or curb heartburn attacks. Pretzels, graham crackers and whole wheat crackers are all good deterrents for heartburn. Eaten in moderation as a mid day snack can absorb any excess acid in your stomach, decreasing the affects of the acid.
  2. Fruits that help prevent heartburn are apples and bananas. Besides the dietary nutrients you gain, the properties of these two fruits add substance to a sour stomach lessening the affects of or the likely hood of heartburn attacks. The benefits of eating a few pieces of fruit a day is well documented and will go a long way to make you healthier.
  3. There are numerous vegetables that can be easily incorporated into your daily meals that will help prevent heartburn. Green vegetables include: broccoli, green beans and peas. Carrots, onions, garlic and baked potatoes are great too. Again, you gain the value of nutrients and fibers in your diet and the needed base for preventing excess acid from building and creating a heartburn episode.
  4. Very lean meats and low fat dairy products aid in preventing heartburn by physically preventing the build up of excess acids in the stomach. These can include: skinless chicken, turkey, egg whites, fetta cheese, goat cheese, low fat cream cheese and fat free sour cream. You get your proteins and less fat with these products, thus allowing the digestive system to work less to process them.
  5. Whole-grain products are awesome for getting your daily requirement of fiber and good carbohydrates, and they help prevent a bad bout of heartburn as well. These products include but are not limited to: breads, cereals and rice. These are about the easiest to include in a meal and do very well in absorbing excess acid. Digestion of whole grains help reduce acidity in the stomach.




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