5 Foods That Prevent Kidney Stones

There are foods you can eat to help prevent kidney stones, as passing one can be one of the most painful events a man can go through. Kidney stones are still being studied as to the reasons behind getting them. Genetics plays a minor role and your diet takes the lead role. According to the Mayo Clinic and the USDA there are foods you can eat to help prevent kidney stones that are great tasting and healthy as well. There are foods you can eat likely giving you those nasty kidney stones as well.

Guys I fear I have some bad news. Beer is one of the worse items you can consume that according to the Mayo Clinic is proven to lead to kidney stones. But instead of dwelling on what you can’t have, the following is a list of the 5 foods you can eat anytime and regularly to help prevent kidney stones.

  1. Whole-grains can protect against kidney stones. Besides the obvious benefits of all the fiber you are eating, wheat, rye, barley and rice all help reduce the amount of calcium in your system. This reduction helps lessen the calcium that could build into stones in your kidneys.
  2. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day will greatly improve your chances against kidney stones. The benefits are far reaching with proper hydration. When you stay properly hydrated your system is being properly flushed. If you like spinach and beets this creates more oxalate in your system, a substance that is now being investigated as a leading cause of kidney stones. Drinking enough water per day will ensure proper cleansing, aiding in the prevention of an oxalate buildup.
  3. High potassium fruits and vegetables are not only healthy, but have been shown to help in the reduction of your chances of getting kidney stones. Apricots, tomatoes, figs, bananas, baked potatoes and raisins are all high in potassium and are among the best tasting foods you can eat. The fruits make a great snack during the day making them easy to fit into your diet.
  4. High calcium orange juice is just what the doctor ordered for kidney stones. One glass a day will benefit your health in so many ways. Excessive vitamin C and calcium are leading causes for kidney stones so it’s a good idea to incorporate this juice into your diet and limit your calcium intake to about 800 mg per day.
  5. Low fat meats, in moderation, gives you the proper proteins and helps reduce your chances of getting kidney stones. When you eat high fat meats your kidneys need to do something with the fats and begin to create more bile to deal with it. Unfortunately the large amount of bile will only help cause stones. Skinless chicken, turkey and very lean red meats are ideal for keeping kidney stones at bay.




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