5 Football Players With Fat Bellies

Football players with fat bellies can be as fierce as they are funny, and happy as they are tragic. In a sport where bigger is better, sometimes these men have given their all and sometimes they have given more. Some of the following men have had celebrated careers and retired, while some have given their lives for the sport of football.

  1. Jerry Ball. Usually the biggest man on the field, Ball played nose tackle primarily for the Detroit Lions for most of his career. Ball was a football player with a fat belly to stuff opposing runners from getting through the defensive line, a position he was very good at considering his 32.5 sacks in his career.

  2. William Perry. With a nickname like “The Refrigerator”, you would think he wouldn't be one of the five football players with a fat belly. Perry is most known for his role of defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears in the 1980's. Perry usually weighed in at 380 pounds or more throughout his career. The “Fridge” also gained fame as a participant in the WWE Wrestlemania 2 battle royal in 1986.

  1. Jerome Bettis. Affectionately known as “The Bus”, he was often called this by his teammates in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization that he played in for nine years. Standing 5'10 and weighing a hefty 250 pounds, Bettis was a fierce running back until about 20 yards into a play. He would lose steam and drag the opposing players up the field with him. Bettis retired in 2006 and now participates in charity work around the world.

  2. Korey Stringer. This gentle giant of a man weighed in at over 330 pounds to become one of the football players with fat bellies. Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1995 as an offensive tackle, Stringer was chosen for the Pro Bowl in 2000. Sadly, Stringer passed away on August 1, 2001 at the age of 27 from heat stroke during a team practice in Mankato, Minnesota.

  1. Aaron Gibson. Weighing in at 410 pounds when debuting in the NFL in 1999 for the Detroit Lions, Gibson holds the record for heaviest NFL player ever, and is one of the five football players with fat bellies. Gibson played seven years in the NFL before going to Arena Football in 2007.

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