5 Football Throwing Games

If you are into football and want to know about the five best football throwing games you can play with your friends during practice, check this article out. The five best football throwing games are a combination of quarterback and receiver games (or drills) that will benefit both positions. These throwing games can also include tight ends and running backs. The football throwing games are meant to work timing between the quarterback and the receivers. These throwing games will help hook-up the quarterback and receivers to get a feel for breaks, velocity of throws and precision. These five best football throwing games will work repetition which is best for developing the on field relationship that is vital for success. Checkout the five best football throwing games below and fold them into your routines.

  1. Stop and Hitch. Here the receiver will line up in a slot or wide out position. The receiver will run at full speed, stop and immediately turn around. The quarterback will time the throw so that the ball is in the air before the receiver makes his hitch.
  2. Burn and Ladder. This drill is a variation on the hook and ladder. Here the receiver will go out for a pass, usually a crossing pattern, post or any other pattern where two receivers will cross paths. The quarterback will throw the ball at the first receiver with as much velocity as he can. The catching receiver will catch and then toss the ball up for the passing receiver to take to the goal.
  3. Rapid Fire. This is a fun game for quarterbacks. It works various mechanics, from ball control, grip, release to reflexes and anticipation. Lay a number of footballs on the ground in a straight line. The receiver (you will need multiple receivers) will call out a route and take off. The quarterback must bend down pick up the ball and without looking down field. The quarterback throws the football to a position where he feels the receiver will be at that time.
  4. Bombs Away. This is a game where the quarterback will rainbow the football to point on the football field for the receiver to retrieve. Allow the receiver a chance to run under the ball and catch it. The idea here is to work on reflexes and timing. This is also a great game to work conditioning for the receiver and touch for the quarterback.
  5. Pin Point and Go. This works various skills of both the receiver and quarterback. The idea here is for the receiver to go out for a pass with the knowledge the quarterback will throw the football to a specific point. This could be the back or front shoulder, hip or even knees.

Tip: You can toss in a few bets here and there with your friends. Number of bad passes, number of dropped passes etc. equates to dollars or push-ups, whatever you’d like.

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