5 Foreplay Kissing Tips

These 5 foreplay kissing tips will get her wet and ready. Unless, of course, your mate isn’t into sexy, seductive and tantalizing foreplay kissing. These foreplay kissing ideas are fresh and sensual.

  1. Start out slow and traditional. Old school kissing is a great foreplay technique. Can you remember when you were a teen in the backseat of your dad’s car and the way it felt to make out with that hot someone? Well, the gal pal you are with today is just as vivacious. Don’t you miss those feelings? Odd are she does, too, so make her feel like a lost teen again with some heavy foreplay kissing.
  2. Let the tongue do the walking. Let’s be clear: You are not trying to give her a bath or mimic a Saint Bernard. You are looking to add a little flavor to your foreplay kissing. Work a little wetness into your foreplay kissing on the lips and neck. Make her feel your heat and desire.
  3. Take it down a gear and tease her. Slow and direct foreplay kissing can be a major turn on. Be careful, you can turn this foreplay kissing technique into a frustrating event if you take it too far or for too long. Tease her lips with a soft peck and touch of tongue. Move this attention to her neck. Let her just get a feel and then move away. It will make her eager and a little frustrated. Just be sure to turn it off at the right time, just when you can see your foreplay kissing is getting under her skin.
  4. Kiss her in new locations. Try kissing her hands, fingers or feet. Kiss her belly, her back or ankles. Employ foreplay kissing in spots non-sexual and make them so. Suck on her fingers with a full mouth. Kiss her gently or rough along the length of her spine. This foreplay kissing technique is fun and adventurous. If will keep her on her toes and begging for more.
  5. Take the kissing to her box. Foreplay kissing is not just restricted to conventional locations. You can foreplay her breasts to both or your delights. You may also foreplay kiss her box should she be interested and willing. This is the moment of foreplay kissing that moves it to the next level and the ultimate goal. After all, don’t you want more than to just make out?
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