5 Freaky But Safe Sex Ideas

If you've found your love life lacking lately, check out this list of 5 freaky but safe sex ideas. Sex is meant to be fun, enjoyable, and freaky as hell. When you really think about the concept, you can see how sticking a part of your body in another person's body could lead to some pretty strange options. Just make sure you're dealing with a freak before reading on. 

  1. Golden showers. Ok, so you want freaky right off the bat? Then here you go! Golden showers are exactly what you think they are. Pissing on one another. Keep in mind, urine is pretty much pure. It is essentially liquid that has been purified by your body. It's warm, it's freaky, and some people really get into it. The only warning that it comes with it is to not get involved if you or your partner have infections. Otherwise, take pleasure in relieving yourselves on each other.
  2. Bondage. If you're looking for freaky, bondage is it. Tie your girl up with silk ribbons, have at her till she's dry, then squirt some lube on and keep going. Seriously, bondage is for true freaks. If you're going to get involved in tying each other up, make sure you can always get each other free within 5 seconds. This is for your safety, as well as hers. You can also use fuzzy handcuffs, non-locking cuffs, and rope. Remember, your pleasure comes from your pleasure.
  3. Hold her down. If you took a survey of chicks, the vast majority would say that they have rape fantasies. Now, this article is in no way meant to advocate rape, ever, at all; this is meant to say that most, if not all, chicks like being dominated. When she's really getting into the moment, grab her wrists and pin them against the bed (or whatever surface you freaks are doing it on.) She'll feel her primal urge to submit and you'll get off on her freakishness. Always remember, if she says no, she means NO!
  4. Pull her hair. If you're wanting to get freaky and be safe, pulling her hair is a safe bet. When doing so, keep in mind, keep your grip close and tight. Think about someone pulling your hair. The further the grip from the root, the worse it hurts. Remember, you're not trying to hurt your girl (unless she begs for it.) You only want to give her the illusion you're being a freak. Don't yank her hair or do anything stupid. Be gentle and you'll be rewarded with a powerful orgasm.
  5. Talk dirty. Now, talking dirty requires some finesse. If you approach the situation with porn star prowess, you're likely to be sleeping alone. Don't just run into the situation using words like, “bitch,” “cunt,” and “whore.” Understand your girl and how she reacts. Once you do, feel free to let the dirty talk fly. Call her every name in the book if it gets her off. Too often, guys underestimate the freak within each woman.
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