5 Freaky Sex Ideas

Looking for five freaky sex ideas? Well you've come to the right place, of course. These are five freaky sex ideas for those people who like to experiment and try new things.

  1. Bondage. Using handcuffs, whips and other instruments is a great way to have some really freaky sex. The thing about bondage, though, is you cannot rush into it. Have a word to stop the action quickly and experiment with the pain that you or your partner can take. But, it's a great addition to five freaky sex ideas that will get the blood pumping.
  2. Anal Sex. Some people love anal sex, but really, it's something that may take a bit of time. After all, it's not a normal spot where the penis is supposed to be inserted. But using the right amount of lubricant can make this extremely enjoyable and a great addition to five freaky sex ideas for you to try.
  3. Spanking. Nothing says freaky sex quite like a good spanking. Again, it's something that you will have to learn just how hard you can spank, or how hard you want to be spanked. But it can be a great five freaky sex ideas addition and something that will also make you have a lot of fun.
  4. Role playing. In almost any great sex ideas list, you will find role playing. It's just a fabulous way to add fantasy to the bedroom, or where ever you might be having sex: Cowboy and Indian, Cop and Criminal, School girl and Teacher. These are all fabulous ideas and a great thing to add to the five freaky sex ideas list.
  5. Skinny dipping. So you might not have thought of this as a freaky sex idea. But if you are skinny dipping, and it's a bit dangerous maybe, that will add to the excitement of sex. Not only will you have an intense orgasm as you think that someone may catch you, but it's a fabulous finish to five freaky sex ideas.

Try them all out, but not all at once needless to say. These five freaky sex ideas should add that right amount of spice and fun to your sex life.

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