5 Freaky Sex Positions

Looking for 5 freaky sex positions? If you are tired of the same old position all the time, then you need some new positions to try out while having sex. Having sex is a great thing to do, as long as you keep it fresh. By trying new, and possibly freaky, positions, you are keeping your sex life interesting all the time. For your pleasure, here is a list of 5 freaky, fresh sex positions.

  1. The wheelbarrow. This is one of the most interesting and deep-penetrating positions. The man is standing up while holding the legs of the woman. The woman is facing downward, pushing herself up. This sex position offers a great deal of movement on the part of the man. However, the woman will have to have the arm strength to push herself up for a potentially long period of time.
  2. The head rush. This is not only a freaky sex position for oral sex, but also a very challenging sex position. The man is standing up while holding the woman by her legs. The woman is completely off the ground and facing away from the man. The man will have access to the vagina and anus, thus allowing the man to perform oral sex. The man must be able to hold the woman up completely for the duration of the act for this sex position to work.
  3. The lotus. This freaky sex position fixes the woman right on top of the man. The man sits in the L-shape with his legs together. The woman sits right on top of the man with her legs across the man's abdomen. This sex position does not leave a lot of room for movement; instead both partners will have to synchronize their body motion together.
  4. Handcuffed. This rear-entry sex position is very interesting for both partners. The man is standing up while the woman bends over and faces away from the man. Then the man must pick up her hands and hold them to chest level, which will force the woman to lower her body closer to her feet. This position gives the man a great deal of control.
  5. The perfect angel. This freaky sex position is for the threesome lovers. There need to be two women and one man. The man should be laying down and facing forward. The first woman needs to kneel down and put her vagina right on top of the man's face. The second woman should position herself between the first woman and the man. The first woman will hold the second woman's lower body in the air and lick her while the second woman performs oral sex on the man. This freaky triangle position is very demanding for all partners in the situation.
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