5 Freaky Sex Tricks

Following just five freaky sex tricks can make your time in the bedroom a whole lot more satisfying for both you and your partner. Freaky sex tricks don’t have to be difficult or complicated. You just need to know the right way to pleasure your partner.

  1. Get faster before she orgasms. When performing oral sex, wait until just before your partner orgasms. Then, flick your tongue as fast as you can over her clitoris. The clitoris is actually a deep, long organ, and the fast movement will give her a more intense and pleasurable orgasm, making this a very female-friendly freaky sex trick.
  2. Show her you like it. To make oral sex more pleasurable, use the freaky sex trick of really getting into it. Moan and hum as you lick all around. Stop and use your fingers while you tell her how much you’re enjoying yourself. The dirtier the language you use, the more she’ll love it.
  3. Try the reverse cowgirl position. This freaky sex trick is a sexual position that can heighten arousal and pleasure for both partners. Instead of your partner sitting on top and facing you, have her turn around. You’ll get a great view, and she’ll get G-spot stimulation.
  4. Suggest the spider sexual position. For this freaky sex trick, you should both lie back facing each other and supporting your weight with your arms spread back behind you. Your partner will inch forward, placing her legs over yours while you penetrate. This one of the most erotic freaky sex tricks purely for the view.
  5. Put your partner upside down. This freaky sex trick might sound silly at first, but it will give your partner a very intense orgasm. Lay her on the bed sideways so that her head is slightly off the mattress. Then, you can have intercourse or perform oral sex. The head rush and sexual pleasure will create mind blowing results.
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