5 Free Things To Do In London That Don’t Involve Fish Or Chips


There are five bone-idle things to do in London that has less to do with fish or chips and more to do with pure entertainment. From street acts to the Queen's jewels, you don't want to miss any of these five free things to do in London! Well, make that six.



Convent Garden and South Bank has market-worthy street performances! A classic pound seeking performance that tends to offer many others free entertainment. You will not find a medicine man on the corner willing to sell you a bottle of magic potion nor the cheap card tricks of a sloppy magician, but it is magical. A viewer can become consumed with the wide range street acts and performances, so when one performance bores you simply turn to the next. One afternoon that doesn't have to involve fish or chips!



Changing of the Guard. All the Queen's men protecting Buckingham Palace take their job seriously. So much so that when it's time to turn over the post, everyone watches! A forty-five minute long ceremony that is best for those choosing a spot early. Many travelers already know that this event is one of the most popular things to do in London by locals and visitors across the globe. St. James Park is a perk just around the corner.



Her Majesty's Royal Palace, a.k.a. the Tower of London, otherwise home of the crown jewels, keeps visitors coming back each night to witness the process to lock up shop. A splendid display of fine passage as the Queen's keys pass from one to another until all is secure. You didn't expect the Queen to keep her crown jewels in an unlocked location, did you?



Museums remain priceless. From London's Natural History to the Tate Modern to the Science Museum, there's just not enough time in a day to venture to all three free spots. And that's why a solid week in London, at least, will allow visitors more observance time when it comes to museums.


Tower Bridge Print.jpg

Free London art exhibits that actually exhibit art. We're not talking painting with fish or chips on canvas as the modern Van Gogh. London has much more than that! Everyday Giorgio Morandi's 'Lines of Poetry' grabs viewers of all shades. The shading in pencil on this piece is simple yet very attractive. A piece that has been spotted in the Estrorick Collection in London. Above sits the "Tower Bridge" by artist Colin Ruffell. And if all fails, turn to Big Ben, because if everything ends up costing you something at least you'll catch some 'free' time.

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