5 Freestyle Basketball Tricks

If you aspire to being one of the Harlem Globetrotters than being the next Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Yao Ming, you need to know the 5 best freestyle basketball tricks. These tricks are all great ways to show off to your friends and is a great way to build hand-eye coordination. Just be sure that when you try these tricks the first time, you are aware that you most likely won’t pull them off because many of these tricks do require practice!

  1. The Juggle. This is one of the first tricks you need to learn because it is something great to throw into any free styling act. You will need more than one ball to pull this off; a good number to start with is usually two or three. Just juggle the balls, which is accomplished by throwing one ball up in the air. As it comes down, throw the other ball up, being sure to have one ball in the air at all times!
  2. The Rollover. This freestyle trick is completed by bouncing the ball up in the air, lying down and rolling over and then catching the ball. You can easily throw in some flashier stuff while you’re lying down, but try something simple like rolling over before doing anything to crazy because it can help establish your timing for doing other, harder tricks.
  3. The Double Finger Spin. You will need two basketballs to pull this freestyle trick off. All you have to do is the classic finger spin, which is relatively simple compared to other tricks, with both hands at the same time. Since you will probably be able to do this trick pretty much right off the bat, try to improve the time you hold the ball on both fingers.
  4. The Double Under-the-Leg. Once again, this free styling trick will require you have two basketballs. You can do this trick by doing the classic under-the-leg dribble–dribbling the ball between your legs–by trying to do it with two basketballs. This will definitely require some more hand-eye and practice than some other tricks as you will have to account for keeping the two basketballs away from each other.
  5. The Vertical Throw. This is a great freestyle trick for doing some quick showboat moves. All you need to do is throw the ball straight up and do some tricks, such as dancing, jumping or whatever and then catching the ball when it comes down! Seems pretty easy, but don’t carried away with the showing off as you could easily miss the ball and the whole trick will look bad.
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