5 French Erotic Movies

French is known as a language of love, here we present 5 French Erotic Movies that display best exhibit that fact. Thanks to the Internet, you can search for these titles online and order them if you don't feel comfortable renting them locally, or you can not find them at your local blockbuster. Sometimes you can even find places to watch films directly on your computer. No matter how you choose to view them, here are the top French erotic films:

  1. "La Grande Bouffe". This 1973 release tells the story of middle age men who travel to a country home where they plan to eat themselves to death. After a few days, the men decide to add pleasures of the flesh to the menu, bringing prostitutes to the villa and engaging in gluttonous sensual orgies along the way. 
  2. "Une Liaison Pornographique". The title translates to an affair of love. This movie follows a couple meets online, initially seeking anonymous sex. Through the movie as they have more encounters they end up finding love in each others arms.
  3. "Belle de Jour". This 1967 classic, starring Catherine Deneuve, follows the adventures of a housewife who decides to entertain herself by being a prostitute in the afternoon. As she takes on more clients, she experiences life. This film will make you reconsider what all those housewives are really doing during the day.
  4. "Weekend". Another 1967 release, this film is notorious for the menage a trois scenes. The story is told from the point of view of the other woman who is retelling her sexual encounter with a couple who has more than one secret. The couple was initially planning a murder, before they have the menage a trois.
  5. "Le Chant des Mariess". This translates to "The Wedding Song" in English. This 2008 historical film follows the intimate lives to two female friends – one Jewish and one Muslim. As the women explore each other's bodies they learn about life and love.

No matter what film you decide to watch, any of the films on the list will provide an evening of erotic entertainment, and provide talking points for many hours of discussion. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn and an open minded partner to enjoy the experience.



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