5 Fun And Sexy Foreplay Costumes

Here are 5 fun and sexy foreplay costumes. Costumes can help spice up foreplay. They allow you to live out and actually visualize your wildest sexual fantasies. Foreplay is a great way to spice up your sex life. Costumes can only enhance the experience.

  1. School girl. If you have ever had a school girl fantasy, have your woman dress up as a school girl during foreplay. You can play the teacher. Maybe that little school girls needs to be taught a lesson on behaving? Have fun with this one and let your imaginations run wild.
  2. Naughty nurse. Have your girlfriend, wife or lover dress up as a nurse. She can tease you or “nurse” you back to health. Who doesn’t love playing doctor?
  3. Sexy fairy. If you are a guy who is into fantasy or sci-fi, a fairy costume would be perfect for your woman to wear during foreplay. The two of you can get lost in another world together.
  4. Hot cop. Do you want your woman to dominate you during foreplay? Have her dress up as a hot cop. She can give you a good frisking and then arrest you. After she has arrested you and you are restrained by handcuffs, she can have her way with you.
  5. French maid. We aren’t talking about a traditional maid outfit here — we are talking about a French maid costume that shows a good amount of cleavage and leg. This costume is enticing and naughty but also suggests something which should technically be out of reach. What man could resist?
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