5 Fun Drinking Games For 2 Players

While drinking games are typically a large group activity, there are more than 5 fun drinking games for 2 players that are just as entertaining.  When you're catching up with a friend over beer, or spending quality time with a special someone, try out one of these fun games!

  1. Buzz. The game "Buzz" can be played with two or more people, and all you need is alcohol, and some willing company. The game starts with the first player asking what the second players favorite number between 1-9 is. The chosen number will be the "Buzz" number. The players will start counting up from the number 1, alternating numbers. Ex. First player says "one," player two says "two," player one says "three," so on and so forth. When the buzz number comes up in any value, the player must say the word "Buzz" instead of the chosen number. Example: if the chosen buzz number is 2, then the numbers 2, 12, 20, 22, 32, so on and so forth will all be referred to as "Buzz." If a player messes up the pattern, they take a drink. 
  2. Psychic. The game "Psychic" is a card game that can be played with two or more people. a deck of cards, and some alcohol. Players are dealt one face-up card each, and on card face-down above the first. the player has to guess if the card above it is a higher or lower value of the one that is face up. If they are wrong, they have to take a swig of their beverage, or a shot, depending on how you wish to play the game. 
  3. Beer Pong. Beer Pong has become a favorite drinking game among college students, and military party goers over the years. Beer pong is played with a large table, preferably a ping pong table, 22 plastic cups, 2 people, 4 beers per round, and a ping pong ball. Set up 10 of the empty cups like they were bowling pins, with 4 in the back, 3 in front of those, 2 in front of those, and 1 in the front. Fill these cups evenly with 2 beers total. Place one cup filled with water beside the beer cups to wash the ball in case it gets loose from the table. The objective of the game is to throw the ball into the other persons cups from your side of the table to theirs. If you make the ping pong ball into their cup, they must drink that cup. There are many different side-rules to beer pong, but the basic objectives are all the same. 
  4. Beer Checkers. To play beer checkers, you can ideally have a checkerboard with 24 shot glasses. If you do not have that many shot glasses, it is possible to just have a drink on-hand. Play checkers with its regular rules, and when your piece gets jumped, you must take a drink. This game starts to feel more like chess after a few rounds. If you have the ideal 24 shot glasses, distinguishing the two pawn colors with food dye looks awesome, and doesn't effect the beers' taste.
  5. Beer hunter. Beer hunter is a perfect game for a large number of people, but has been known to entertain as little as 2 people just fine. It is highly recommended that this game is played outdoors. Fill a bucket half way with ice, and fill the rest of the bucket with as many beers as you collectively plan on drinking within the next half hour or so. The strongest person of the players then picks up one of the beers, shakes it up as much as they possibly can, and places it back in the bucket without the second person looking. The "shaker" then looks the other way while the second person mixes up the beers carefully in the bucket, completely sealing the beer's location to both players. The game is played like Russian roulette, with both players taking turns opening beers with the opening of the beer towards their head. If the beer does not spray all over the players face, they have to chug the beer fast. If they are unlucky enough to have a beer spray all over their face, they lose the game, and have to sit down to drink the remainder of the now flat beer. 
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