5 Fun Games For A Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are more formal than many parties you may throw but that does not mean you cannot have 5 fun games for a cocktail party that everyone will enjoy. Games are especially good as a way for a group of people to get to know each other.

  1. Guess the baby. Gather a copy of a baby picture of every guest beforehand for a fun game for a cocktail party. Hang all the baby pictures on a board covered with black fabric. Place a number under each baby picture and have everyone at the party try to guess whose baby picture goes with whom. Give a small prize such as a nice frame to the person who gets the most correct.
  2. Create a murder mystery. Purchase a murder mystery kit for an easy cocktail party game! The game will come with instructions on how to give clues and set up characters. At the end of the night, ask everyone who they think committed the murder then reveal who it really was.
  3. Name that tune. This is an easy cocktail party game that everyone generally finds fun. Make a mix CD with songs that everyone attending can relate to. If you have a multi-generational party, make sure you have songs that are from many decades.
  4. A truth and a lie. Telling a truth and a lie is a fun game and icebreaker at a cocktail party. Have everyone stand up and tell one truth and one lie about themselves. The game is for everyone to choose which statement is the lie and which one is the truth. This game is best if you have something outrageous to say that is the truth.
  5. Guess my job. For a fun game at a cocktail party in which many of the people do not know each other, have a guess my job game. Have everyone write down hints about their job on a piece of paper then go around the room having everyone guess what it is they do. Have everyone exchange business cards at the end of this game.
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