5 Fun Sex Games In Bed

If you and your partner are looking to add some spice to your sex lives, you should try these 5 fun sex games in bed. There are plenty of sex games to play and coming up with five should be rather simple. However, for those who lack imagination and creativity when it comes to sex, below are five sex games that promise to be fun and fulfilling. 

  1. Play guess the letter.  This sex game is simple. All you need to do is go down on your girlfriend and start licking the letters of the alphabet while she tries to guess the correct letter. For every letter she guesses correctly, ten minutes gets banked for a future foot massage. 
  2. Play name the tune.  Name the tune is a similar sex game to guess the letter, except it involves the guy receiving oral sex. While giving your man oral, start humming a song. Your boyfriend then will try to guess the name of the song as you hum away. For every song he guesses correctly, ten minutes gets banked toward a back and neck massage. 
  3. The ejaculation game. For this game  you will need an old blanket. After each of you mark a spot on the blanket, simply kneel in front of the towel while your girl reaches around and gives you a hand job. After you ejaculate, check the mark and see whose guess was closest to the distance of ejaculation. If your girlfriend or wife happens to be a "squirter," you can add a little competition to the sex game and see which one of you can projectile the farthest. 
  4. Naked Twister. This popular children's activity can be used as an erotic bedroom game as all you need is a twister mat. Naked twister can turn sexy in a hurry when certain body parts dangle with-in a tongue's reach.
  5. Strip Poker. When moved to the bedroom, this classic card game becomes a fun sex game that often leads to multiple orgasms. When all the garments are removed, the game needs to continue since there are other consequences to possessing a losing a hand than having to remove clothing. 
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