5 Fun Sexual Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

If you and your girlfriend are currently in a rut when it comes to sex, consider trying out these 5 fun sexual things to do with your girlfriend. Give all five options a shot, and find out which one the two of you like best!

  1. Take a shower together. Showering as a couple is a great prelude to hot sex—you are already wet and naked! Be sure to wash your girlfriends’ hair and body, paying special attention to her breasts, buttocks, and vagina.
  2. Perform oral sex on each other. While oral sex is becoming more and more common, there are still some people who haven’t tried it. Make sure to spend just as much time on her and she spends on you.
  3. Dress up in costume. This is another great, easy way to spice up your sex life. You don’t necessarily need to rent a costume from a costume store, but try to create an image that is different from your everyday life.
  4. Let her tie you up. This is a guaranteed way to bring out the tiger in your girlfriend. She will have free reign when it comes to having sex with you, and will feel comfortable doing almost anything.
  5. Have sex in a public place. Finally, having sex in a public place is a great way to bring some excitement into your sex life. For best results, do it at a place you frequent quite a bit—this way, you can remember it each time you go there from now on.



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