5 Funniest ‘Rob And Big’ Singing Moments

If you’re a "Rob and Big" fan, you’ll be familiar with the laughs on the list for the five funniest "Rob And Big" singing moments. "Rob and Big’" was an MTV reality show detailing the adventures of pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his bodygaurd Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. The show ran from 2006 to 2008. You wouldn’t think a show starring a pro skateboarder would have much music, but Rob quickly showed fans he had some musical talent.

  1. Do You Know Pingpong Song – During a trip to the carwash in season three, this music moment was born for Rob and Big. Maybe it’s because Rob is obviously moved by the music (either that or he’s having a seizure), but this clip has been nicknamed "Rob gone wild" by internet fans.
  2. Bobby Light “Dirty Girl” – Fans of the show can’t forget Rob’s 80s R&B alter-ego Bobby Light. The crew created the character for the purpose of doing this video in season two. Big’s Uncle Jerry was also visiting for the trip and was in the video. Bobby Light had other "Rob and Big" moments, but his video of Dirty Girl was his first.
  3. The Moment of Truth – "Rob and Big" is full of impromptu singing moments from Rob. Sometimes, they come of as random but other times, they fit the situation perfectly. In the season one episode "Lets Get Physical," Rob was trying to encourage Big to lose weight by kicking off fitness week. After some time on the program, it was the moment of truth, where the pair return to use a commercial scale (the only one they could find that could go over 400 pounds) to see if any pounds had been shed. As they get out of the car, Rob burst into song by creating "The moment of truth." Basically, it was just him repeating the words in a sing song voice but still one of the funniest singing moments in the shows history.
  4. Ebony and Ivory – In season one, Rob and Big decide to go to a match maker and get sent on the blind date from hell. When they learn that their dates are singers in a punk band, they decide to take them to a karaoke bar. While it’s obvious the two wish their date were over, the two still put in a karaoke performance. The song they choose is "Ebony and Ivory." While Big might have been at least slightly sober (he is the security man, after all, and really, it must take a lot of booze to take that man down), Rob was not and it showed. Their rendition was hilarious to watch. It was even greater the morning after when Big brings out the DVD of their performance.
  5. Bobby Light does Spanish – In episode 30, the gang took a trip to Cancun after a conversation that Drama had only ever been to Canada. Bobby Light (Rob’s 80s R&B alter ego) does a Spanish (sort of) performance at the resort they stayed at. While really only one line made it to Spanish translation, the gang was backed up by a full mariachi band.
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