5 Funny Drinking Games

If you’re at a party and need a collective social activity, these 5 funny drinking games can lighten the mood in a hurry. Drinking games can bring laughter and camaraderie to even the stuffiest atmosphere, turning a boring party into a funny and memorable get-together.

  1. “I Never” If you want to learn intimate details about the group of people you’re partying with, there’s nothing more funny and revealing than this drinking game. Each player takes a turn starting a phrase with the words “I never,” then says something he has never done. If any other player has done this, he has to take a drink. The game continues until you’ve either passed out or run from the room in embarrassment.
  2. “Beer Blow” This game is a great place for you to test your friends’ lung capacities, plus try out all your mindless euphemisms for oral sex. For this funny drinking game, you’ll need a deck of cards and an empty beer bottle. Put the deck of cards on top of the bottle. Then, each player takes turns blowing cards off the stack. The person who blows off the last card has to drink a full beer.
  3. “Truth Or Drink” Another getting-to-know-you entry on the list of five funny drinking games, this is played exactly like “Truth Or Dare,” except drinks are used instead of dares. After each round of questions, the number of drinks goes up, and so does the funny factor.
  4. “Drunken Jenga” The classic wooden block game Jenga gets a boozed-up overhaul in this funny drinking game. To play, set up your Jenga tower and take turns removing blocks as normal. If you successfully remove a block, you may command another player to drink. If you topple the tower, you have to chug an entire drink. This funny drinking game works best at the beginning of the night, since it relies heavily on motor function.
  5. “The Name Game” As the only entry of the five funny drinking games that requires actual thought, this game could get ugly in a hurry. Play begins with one player saying the first and last name of a celebrity. The next player names a celebrity whose first name begins with the first letter of the last name of the previous celebrity. For example: “Tiger Woods" becomes “Will Smith,” then “Sandra Bullock,” etc. If you can’t think of a name within three seconds, you must take a drink. This funny drinking game is great as an icebreaker or just to laugh at your drunken friends’ ignorance of pop culture.
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